Curbside Collection Information

The City of Chestermere is committed to recycling as many materials as possible to keep them out of landfills and to protect the environment.

About your Curbside Collection

Chestermere's recycling, garbage & organics pickup includes:

Recycling Bin-01
Compost Bin-01

double garbage bags
Recycle CollectionOrganics CollectionGarbage Collection
Weekly collection.

Residents may use bags or leave materials loose in the bin.

Excess materials can be dropped off at the recycle depot (scroll to the bottom of this page for more info).

Weekly collection April - October, Bi-weekly collection November - March

Residents may use compostable bags (not just biodegradable) or leave materials loose in the bins.
Until October 28: Bi-weekly garbage bag pickup (2 bags maximum). The maximum weight of a bag is 25kg. Extra bag tags can be purchased at City Hall.

Residents must use clear bags. One small solid colour privacy bag can be placed inside the larger clear bag.

Residents may place bags in a can/receptacle. Loose garbage in bins will not be collected.

After October 28: Bi-weekly garbage cart pickup. Residents may use bags or put garbage in the cart loose. Compostable and recyclable material will not be accepted.

Click here to learn more about the black carts coming this fall!

Carts must be properly placed at the curbside prior to 7am on collection day to ensure they are picked up.

 Your collection day & sorting tool: