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Posted on: January 11, 2019

RCMP Provide Tips on Avoiding ATM Theft

ATM theft

A group of individuals have been targeting ATM machines in businesses, banks, and public facilities for theft. Typically these individuals will break into a business, sports arena, hall, or bank where an ATM is clearly visible or close to a doorway. Chains or straps are tied between the ATM and a waiting vehicle outside which is used to pull the unit out of the building which usually causes significant damage. These types of thefts have been attempted in Chestermere over the past two weeks.

The Chestermere RCMP would like to advise our local businesses, banks, and organizations with ATM's to remain vigilant of suspicious activity and to take steps to help prevent ATM thefts from occurring. A few helpful suggestions are:

1. Avoid installing ATM's near a doorway or within easy view from an exterior window or doorway. Placement deeper within the premises with other barriers in the way are a helpful deterrent;

2. Secure ATM's securely into the floor with high quality anchors or bolts;

3. Install good quality doors and locks in the premises. Installation concrete or steel barriers around doorways are a helpful deterrent;

4. Ensure alarm companies are advised which zone an ATM is present and request police be advised as soon as possible should the alarm be trigged in that area;

5. Be cognizant of suspicious activity around the premises and around ATM's. Frequently offenders will try to "case" a location to determine what is needed for the theft or what time of day would be best to perpetrate the theft;

6. Ensure video surveillance systems are in place to capture footage near doorways and around ATM machines. Also ensure they area in good working order and staff are trained to provide footage to police; and

7. Report suspicious activity to police.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please advise the Chestermere RCMP if you require any further information.

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