What are the harvesters for?

The City operates three aquatic weed harvesters and a barge. They operate from July 1 – Aug 31 each year. Depending on weed growth, harvesters may begin cutting earlier or cut later into September. The harvesters cut and remove lake weeds and other debris to ensure that Chestermere Lake remains safe for recreational and boating activities. Harvesting also reduces the clogging of the Western Irrigation District (WID) irrigation system.

Last Updated: June 8, 2022

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1. Why do we have so many lake weeds?
2. What are the harvesters for?
3. How many kilograms of lake weeds are removed by the harvesters?
4. Is there a schedule the harvester operators follow?
5. How do lakefront home owners collect lake weeds?
6. Where do the weeds go after they are harvested from the lake?