What can I expect when I go to the Bike Park?

Patrons will be required to sign-in with their name and phone number (number of parent or guardian) for safety and COVID-19 tracing purposes. Parents will be contacted if a child is injured.

Staff will monitor the number of patrons (hourly head counts) in the park and close the gate when they reach 15 cyclists. Signage will be posted to notify waiting users that the park is at capacity. The sign will be removed and more riders can be provided access to the park once current users leave.

Last updated: June 1, 2020

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1. What are the new hours of operation?
2. Why were the hours of operation changed?
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4. How do I access the Bike Park?
5. What can I expect when I go to the Bike Park?
6. Can I use the water fountain or porta-potties?
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8. Why hasn’t the City been maintaining and preparing the park while it was closed?