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Business Mask Request Form

  1. This form is intended for businesses in need of masks for their staff who are operating during COVID-19. Supplies are limited but CHEMA may be able to provide initial support during the re-opening process on a case-by-case basis. These supplies can not be offered to the general public at this time.

    Businesses are also advised to explore provincial procurement options available at (halfway down the page).
  2. Please explain the type of business you operate, what type of services/products you offer and let us know during which stage of the provincial relaunch you are permitted to open.
  3. Please inform us about how many staff you are currently employing, the current state of need and the number of masks you require to ensure employee safety.
  4. The City of Chestermere will do its best to provide resources to businesses in need. These submissions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. While supplies may be requested, they are not guaranteed. Upon submission of this form, a staff member from the Chestermere Emergency Management Centre will be in touch to follow up on your request.
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