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School Readiness Kits - Community Partner Survey

  1. School Readiness Kits - Community Partner Survey

  2. Please Note:

    Thank you for partnering with us to deliver School Readiness kits to the children and families at your organization. Please complete this survey to provide us with a brief overview of your experience with the kits, as well as our community partnership. This survey helps us provide feeback to our funders (SERV FCSS). Please note this survey is anonymous.

  3. The approximate date you received your kit.

  4. I think the Noodle-Do kit is complete and includes everything needed for hosting*

  5. I think the School Readiness Kits were easy to use*

  6. I felt confident and supported distributing the kits.*

  7. I think families and their children were engaged while using the School Readiness Kits.*

  8. I think families have a better awareness of the importance of Early Childhood Development after receiving these kits.*

  9. Optional Questions

  10. Your age category

  11. Were you born in Canada?

  12. If yes, are you an Indigenous Person? (First Nation, Metis, Inuit)

  13. If no, how long have you lived in Canada?

  14. If you are a parent, please indicate the ages of your child(ren).

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