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Road Closure / Major Construction Communications Requirements

  1. Background
    Please complete this form if you are undertaking significant construction and anticipate the requirement for road closures within the City of Chestermere limits. Please note that all the information provided will be used to create communications for the residents of the City of Chestermere informing them of the project and impact to traffic routes.
  2. If different than project coordination company
  3. Indicate who you have been liaising with at the City of Chestermere for this project.
  4. Please indicate specifically where the project is taking place.
  5. Please indicate specifically what roads/intersections will be affected by the project.
  6. Please indicate if roads will be fully or partially closed and what drivers are expected to do (e.g. detour, follow directions of personnel, etc.)
  7. Please upload a map of traffic accommodation plans for this project.
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