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Community Guide Advertising Application

  1. About the Guide
    The City of Chestermere coordinates the publication of a Community Guide every quarter. The Guide is mailed out to over 7000 homes in Chestermere and copies are placed at public facilities.
  2. About Advertising
    The City offers six 1/4 page advertising opportunities per issue. The spots are available on a first come, first served basis and are $500 per spot. The cost of the ad goes directly to offsetting the cost of printing and distribution. A business may only advertise in one edition each year.
  3. Application Agreement
    As an advertiser, I agree and acknowledge that:
  4. Print Ready Requirements
    To be considered print ready, your ad must:
    • be full colour
    • high resolution
    • in one of the following formats: PDF, .png, eps or an InDesign or Illustrator file
    • 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches
    • have a 0.25" bleed.
  5. Follow Up
    Following submission of your application, it will be reviewed by City staff. If you are accepted as an advertiser, we will let you know which edition you will be advertising in and the deadline for your ad submission. Once your ad has been submitted, you will be sent an invoice for payment. If you have any questions, email
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