Property aSsessments An assessment is a value placed on your land and buildings to determine the fair distribution of property taxes.

The assessed value on your notice is based on the previous year's market conditions (not the current market conditions) and the physical condition and characteristics of the home as of the previous December.

Your assessment notice is not a bill but the assessment value will be used to determine your property tax levy (assessed value x tax rate = property tax levy). 
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 Important Dates:

 Fall / Winter (October - February) Assessment Review Conducted 
 Spring (March-April) Assessment Notices are mailed to residents

Assessment Appeals Deadline
If you do not agree with the assessor’s explanation or calculation, you have the right to file a formal complaint to the Assessment Review Board within 60 days of receiving your assessment notice. The Assessment Review Board will then review your case at a hearing. 

If you file a complaint, please make sure to submit your form with the $50 payment - otherwise the complaint is not valid.  

Questions or Concerns

  • If you have questions about your assessment or disagree with it, you can contact Accurate Assessment Group at or 1-877-438-2305.
  • If you re required to leave a voicemail, Accurate Assessment Group will return your call within one business day. 
  • If you have questions about your assessment information or would like to speak to the Tax Clerk, email or call 403-207-7057.