Community Grants

Annually, Chestermere City Council allocates $270,000 to local organizations through the Community Grant Program. This grant is to support community organizations that facilitate local activities which enhance amenities in sports and recreation, arts, culture, history and projects that promote the social well-being of the residents of Chestermere.

Additionally, the City of Chestermere approved the creation of the Home Hemodialysis Community Grant program to subsidize utility related costs for Chestermere patients completing treatment within their own home. Annually $1,500 of Community Grant funding is dedicated to Home Hemodialysis applications. For more information on Home Hemodialysis Grants please contact our Senior Coordinator, Social Planning and Development.

How to Apply

View the Community Grant Guidelines here to determine application eligibility.

Complete the required application form for submission along with any required additional documentation.

Submit your completed application package via e-mail using "Community Grant Submission" as the subject prior to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2019.

Funding will be awarded annually in the spring. If grant dollars remain after the spring allocation, a second call for applications may occur in the fall. Funding of the Community Grant program is subject to annual budget approval by Chestermere City Council.

For More Information

Please review Policy 205: Community Grant Funding and Policy 843: Community Grant Funding Ad Hoc Adjudication Committee or contact the Grant Facilitator.