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1. Why did Council implement beach fees for non-residents?
2. When will the beach fees start?
3. If I am a Chestermere resident, can I bring a guest who is not a resident?
4. What type of payment will you accept?
5. If I have family in Chestermere, do I have to pay?
6. Which beaches will you have to pay for?
7. I am a resident, but my children do not regularly live with me. Will I have to pay for them if we go to the beach?
8. Our kids go to Chestermere schools. Do they have to pay?
9. My child is under 15 but will go to the beach with their friends. Do they need to show ID?
10. Why don’t Chestermere residents pay a fee?
11. Won’t this drive away business?
12. How were the fees chosen?
13. Why should non-residents pay when Chestermere residents do not have to pay extra fees for amenities in other municipalities?
14. What authority does the City of Chestermere have to do this?