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Map Gallery

Use our Map Gallery to look at PDF maps and interactive applications for:

  • Addressing Map
  • Capital Project Tracking System 
  • Flowering Rush
  • Land Use Areas
  • Snow Plowing Routes
  • Street Sweeping

Click the image to access the Map Gallery.



Webmap is the best option to look at the City's assessment reports for homes. 

Webmap also provides detailed access to the City’s land use, legal, property boundaries and much more.

Prior to accessing WebMap, it is recommended that you read the Webmap User Instructions).

Please note that the link for Webmap has changed. If prompted, please select 'guest' to use. 

Click on the image to access Webmap.
open data map

Open Data Mapping

The City's GIS Open Data site allows the public to download commonly used base mapping and data files. These files will be useful for projects in private industry, higher learning institutions and other government organizations. 

Please note that by accessing the open data site, you are agreeing to the City's Open Data License

Click on the image to access the open data maps.