Mental Health Resources

With the right information, communities can flourish. 

Throughout the year, a variety of mental health topics will be featured to raise awareness and understanding of the impact these health conditions have on citizens and our community. The Family and Community Resource Centre has curated a listing of resources to connect residents to local supports and promote positive mental health. 

The Family & Community Resource Centre (FCRC) provides free and confidential services to Chestermere, Langdon and South East Rocky View individuals and families seeking assistance with social support, information and referrals. 

You can reach the Family & Community Resource Centre by:

  • Phoning Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at (403) 207-7079
  • Email us at about your concerns and questions
  • Completing our online self-referral form.

We are an Emotional Safe Spot! An orange dot at our workplace signifies that individuals on our team have received specialized training. it is a safe place to reach out, talk about struggles, and get directions for the next step towards wellness.

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Featured Mental Health Topic

June 27 PTSD Awareness Day

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very real and challenging mental health issue. Anyone can experience it. It changes how the body responds to stress, making it difficult to push through otherwise acute stressors. PTSD provides a framework of how individuals may respond to trauma and how it manifests in their life through various symptoms. It’s imperative to understand PTSD to help support those who may be going through a trauma or experienced one in the past.


  • Homewood Health provides information, including who is at risk, symptoms, and some do’s or don’ts related to PTSD.
  • PTSD: National Center for PTSD. This site helps provide links to understanding PTSD, treatment options, how to get help, and information for family and friends related to someone who may be experiencing PTSD.
  • PTSD Awareness – Become Trauma-Informed. The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute provide statistics on the prevalence on PTSD and how to become trauma-informed to help support loved ones.

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