Rain Barrel Contest

painted metal rain barrels1

The City’s Streetscape Committee has developed an exciting rain barrel contest for residents to show their creative decorating skills along with their innovative rain water harvesting techniques!

Prizes will be awarded for the most creatively decorated rain barrel, and for the most innovative water capture or water harvesting system.

An example of an innovative water capture or harvesting system can include hooking the barrel up to a downspout and using collected water for irrigation. Participants are encouraged to submit detailed photos and a description of their creations.

Contest registration closed on July 31

2021 Contest Winners:

The winners of our City of Chestermere Streetscapes Committee Rain Barrel Contest are:

Best Decorated (Each winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to a local Chestermere business):

  • Lynn Ross
  • Colleen May
  • Graham Hiebert
  • Jenna Morrison
  • Rachel Pilgrim
  • Stephanie Weston
  • Rose Bonnet
  • Trisha Kloschinsky

Best Water Capture System (Each winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to a local Chestermere business):

  • Adrienne Jones
  • Jeff DeVetten
  • Julie Exner
  • Varun Mavuleti

We are also happy to award the following participants with a $10 gift certificate to Garden Scents Garden Centre or Cobblestone Garden Centre as a thank you for participating:

  • Ashlyn Donnelly
  • Collin Ralko
  • Michele Elsen
  • Mikkel Nannan
  • Chris Rilling
  • Coralee McIntosh
  • Duane Logan
  • Maria Geronazzo
  • Suzanne Nacinovic
  • Mark McKeen
  • Janelle Sandboe
  • Nisha Kassam

 If you see your name on the above lists, Committee Members will be reaching out to you shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes, if you have any questions please contact Alison at aciupa@chestermere.ca.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! To view all contest photos - Click here!  


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